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In September of 2000 six people went out into the Mohave Desert on Route 66 and shot a short film entitled "BLOWN", produced and directed by Larry Law, associate producer, Christal Blue, starring Lynn Karl...the picture went Sundance.  Hats off to Larry Law, who has the potential to be one of the world's finest directors.


Ask any celebrity about how they got started on what now seems to be a successful career. The answer from each one will be, "It wasn't easy."

Christal Blue, known by many as a successful locator and provider of talent for features and television films, commercials and other entertainment media's, she will give you the same answer about her start in the biz.

She first arrived in Hollywood in 1970. Her aspirations like so many that preceded and followed her were the same-to become a successful actor. Feeling her way around the entertainment capitals maze, she found work ultimately with small speaking roles. Through hard work and persistence, she got more parts to the point that she was employed on a frequent basis-earning herself over 80 credits on her resume'.

An occasional production job would surface and Christal was there to take it. "I was an Assistant Director on a T.V Special. As the project neared its conclusion, the producer called me into his office and asked me if I would be able to find people for his next film because he liked the way I worked with everyone. It had to be my fate. And destiny took me on the course. I started my own casting company."

As a youngster growing up in Texas, her life as a wife and mother to a son, Sergio, and now an actress, seemed to be everything she had ever dreamed about.

As a lover of horses, she owned a small acre ranch in Shadow Hills - a few miles from Burbank's Warner Bros. Studios. She set up offices there and, for many, it became a favorite spot for industry people to get away from the "grind" of the studio and relax.

Christal, in addition to her blooming acting career found time to organize her thoughts about the "trials and tribulations" of getting started. She published the book entitled "Off The Bus". It contained advice, facts and other useful information for the newcomers to Hollywood. (It is being revised and many of the names and listings updated.)

She devoted much of her time and energy to helping the newcomers to Hollywood and in 1978 founded a casting company. It was one of the first of its kind that found "non-union" people work in what has been a tight film community. CBC Added in 1987 the Union division providing both union and non union work for the actors.

She was the first casting company to receive full credits on the film "Strangers Kiss." It soon became evident that her life was becoming top-heavy. She "leased" Christal Blue Casting to her associate Dan, so that she would be able to devote more time to producing, but in 1989 she wanted to pursue other endeavors on the east coast and the ranch was sold - horses and all. She returned from a "shoot" in Arizona to resume managing the business she had started. In 1993 she relocated the business to Sunset Blvd, and now Melrose Ave.

Her organization, well respected by producers and casting directors, has earned over 4000 credits in:

· Film Features

· TV and Video

· Industrial and Educational

· Music Videos

· Voice Overs

· Prints and Packaging work

· Commercials and Informercials

· Award Shows, Game Shows

· Live Shows

· Documentaries

· Student Films

· Demo Reels for Actor (state of the art)

· Full Production of Corporate Videos and Training Films

· Film Distribution

· Complete Short Cut Hot List to a Hollywood Career

More than 300 people have received their Taft-Hartley Letter to obtain their SAG card. Many stars started as an extra or had bit parts on shows she cast. There are many happy tales, and a few sad ones too.

She taught a few acting classes and offered consulting advice for her registrants. "The actors and actresses like the family atmosphere of the company"

Past Services Iincluded:

· Arranging photo session for "head " shots, ZED Cards, and portfolios

· Biography writing

· Daily Casting Lists

· Career Management

· Promotion in special publications

· Employment (temporary, of course)

"I still believe that persistence and hard work are key things to keep in mind as you pursue a successful acting career. And, perhaps even most important, to be flexible, accept and adapt to the constantly changing industry."


Our production credits include:

Walter and Son Water Purification Systems Franchise Inc.
(training documentary / producer-director)

Maps to the Stars
(Hollywood historical information)

Ghost of Hollywood

Smart & Final

Demo Reel - A. Strong

Demo Reel - Rick Caddelliee

Strange But True Unusual Events
(Shorts on Unusual Events)

(short informative film)


Spanish Entertainment

English Education

(training film)

Nail Care Video

Hair Care Video

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(numbers available upon request)




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